a night with the Predators

Well, last 2 weeks i was quite lucky, why? in a very close period of time i won 3 different contests online. the Beast concert ticket (which was unfortunately sent to me 3 days later by Digi), MTV world stage passes from MTVand Predators movie screening tickets from CinemaOnline 😀 My motivation to won that World Stage and Predators screening passes was actually to ask someone to go with me,but then that person was not available on both days. what to say? i gotta find someone else to go with me rather than to let the tickets wasted right? so Leo volunteering himself to go with me for the Predators screening 🙂

The screening itself was on the night on 6th July which was 1 night earlier than the premier day. so there we were, at Cineleisure Damansara, 3 rows from the front cause there were other tickets winners other than CinemaOnline so we had to share the cinema. It was not full actually.

you can see some of they guys were acting killed by the predator and hug the predator! haha..so cute of them..this predator was a bonus from CinemaOnline to everyone 🙂

This movie was already playing out there since last week 8th July so most probably u guys have seen or watch it. the movie itself was ok,not bad and not that awesome, it just ok cos we cant expect alot from this kind of movie, somemore Predators is not a new movie. its pretty much the same with the other Predators, a group of people in the jungle and they hunt u one by one. They also create a new character in here which is the predators’ dogs, not a cute one haha..

For me, there are some scenes that are not necessary at all, like when the Yakuza duel with the predator in the field with their swords, it looks very…weird and funny, no point. And the fight between the Predators are pretty regular in “predators” movie, how can they survive if the predators dint fight among themselves? lol..

overall, this movie is quite entertaining,dont hope too much from it, just enjoy. 3 from 5 stars 😉


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