Graduation rehearsal

haha this is approximately how i will look like in the next 3 days on 24th July for my convocation, will look better with shirt and tie definitely 😀 this was taken during my graduation rehearsal today, camwhore abit lol..i already felt nervous when they were explaining how we will have to walk, to clap, and all the craps 😛 urgh,hope everything will goes well..3 days and counting! oh anyway,parents are already at penang,2 more days they will come and join me here


15 thoughts on “Graduation rehearsal

  1. Yes! Sure you’ll look handsome on your big day! Dress nice nice okay! And bring your parents around KL since you have the guts to drive jor! – Hehe

    1. i wanna buy new shirt one..but tak jadi. i’ll be just wearing like how i used to wear gua hehe 🙂
      if drive,i have guts la but not very good in reversing or parking so im not dare driving my parents lol..

  2. Congrats, finally after the tough years spent at Cyber.
    Or were those happy days? 🙂

    Anyway, your journey has barely started, and hereby I wish you all the best in future undertakings. Stand up straight, be strong and don’t give in.

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