MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2010

Remember the MTV World Stage event on last 31st July at Sunway Lagoon? yeah,that one, which i had mentioned before i won a pair of the tickets to the show. Unfortunately its very difficult  to find someone to accompany me cos it’s a bit last minute that i gave up waiting for Marcus to go with me. so in the end i decided to asked Sita.

Reached Sunway Lagoon around 5pm and the crowd was indeed surprised me! tho i already warned myself that the crowd will be huge, the words “OMG” still came out from my mouth 😀 .anyway, i dint bring my camera, cos i tot DSLR wont make it inside. on our way queuing  to get in, it started to rain =.=” HEAVILY. too late for the rain coat from the MTV’s crews.

Since i only had the blue passes,so we couldnt get to stand infront of the stage where only Xzone passes holder were allowed. While most of the people were still busying with their raincoat, we tried our best to stand nearer to the stage,but still it was not close enough to satisfy myself XD..what a waste came later. by then the rain was still pouring, and we all had to stand under it with our raincoat covering only.

As i stood still on my ground, i was surprised by a group of people who stood beside us, guess who were in that group, Jason from the Smashpop haha..what a coincident. bumped to him previously at All American Reject concert but not as close as this time. So i managed to say hi this time 😉

Show was supposed to start at 6pm but just like any other concert show, it started 1 hour later at 7pm. 4 hot MTV Vjs came out as the introduction of the show.The first one to sing was Bunkface, a Malaysia local band.they had the spirit and fans, couldnt sing along with them cos i dint know any of their songs hehe..their turn lasted around an hour, continued by Wonder Girls (they are hot! REALLY), sang their best hits including Nobody, So Hot and Tell me. the Last 2 were Tokio Hotel which is still unbelievable for me they got lots of fans here in Malaysia! and Katy Perry who looks pretty in her ballerina-alike outfit, which cover her whole body LOL, u know why.

The show ended at 12.30,i mean most of the people left at 12.30 after Katy Perry done with her performance. cos Wonder Girls were still going to perform a song or more for the closing. we were just too tired to wait till the end. Every performances from the singer were great but the MTV’s management was too suck..i understand they need to re decor the stage for every performances, but if we had to wait more than half and hour under the rain, it wouldnt be pleasant for anyone. VJ Utt was booed when he came out to apologize while we were waiting for Tokio Hotel to came out. the waiting part was sucks, really.

performances images courtesy of MTV World Stage

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