hello Singapore

so im currently in Singapore, has been here from 19 which means 3 days ago..why im here? with the reason that i need to leave Malaysia in order to cancel my student visa, other words- forced to leave. Well, part of that reason, i oso will be having an interview here which im not confident that i will pass but for the sake to try out the interview only.. Will be at Singapore until this 26 , i realized that it is quite long! duh..will still be going back to Malaysia after this, with the status as a visitor already which mean i only can stay for a month.


10 thoughts on “hello Singapore

  1. Good luck with the interview adik. Call me whenever you need a malaysian friend for anything k? Missing you much here! Congrats on graduation btw. 😀

  2. “I woke before the morning, I was happy all the day,
    I never said an ugly word, but smiled and stuck to play.

    And now at last the sun is going down behind the wood,
    And I am very happy, for I know that I’ve been good.

    My bed is waiting cool and fresh, with linen smooth and fair,
    And I must be off to sleepsin-by, and not forget my prayer.

    I know that, till to-morrow I shall see the sun arise,
    No ugly dream shall fright my mind, no ugly sight my eyes.

    But slumber hold me tightly till I waken in the dawn,
    And hear the thrushes singing in the lilacs round the lawn.”

    All the best for your interview! Im sure you will have something and huge, the Lord is just testing you in present time! Greets !

  3. kinda make me feel more appreciative of my nationality…too bad we the malaysian chinese are told to “go back to China” every now and then. All the best in your interview and enjoy the Sg vibe!

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