when was the last time u cry? or has it been a long time since ur last cry? its been a very anticipated weeks lately cos i was waiting either the companies at Malysia will hire me or not..and i hope 1 of the 2 will..well,Integricity let me down few days ago while i was at Singapore.and my last hope was Add Concept at Cheras, then i received their email today which was totally the same answer with the Integricity, saying that they were sorry cos they had hire others..i wasdown..really really down..i tried to tell myself its ok and went to clean and arrange things in the living room which then lead me back to my room n cried..i was so devastated..my last cry was when my grandma n lecturer passed away as i remember..im so weak ..maybe i just cant hold my frustration being a jobless ,soon to be homeless guy and the feeling of loneliness anymore..just let it out by crying..

i wont give up when there’s still time..pray me for good responds of my Singapore interview and for other interviews to find me..


16 thoughts on “emo

  1. Hey Ali, if you still need contacts you can try the Foetus Group. I used to work for them. They own 2 ad agencies, 2 digital agencies, events management and a CRM agency, among others. Last time they were looking for a visualiser.

    Call them at 03-78030729 and ask for the HR person. Good luck! =)

  2. Be tough! that’s the only thing I could say…All the happy and settled things need time…and everybody will feel this kind of insecure and stressful life after university…Everything will come just in time..

  3. aiyar ah sen, ali, ah boy… gosh… which is ur name ah? hehe… no need rush to get a job ok. scared no work isit. 😛 wishing u all the best and luck in finding a new job in sg. dont cry la. big boy aledi. 😛

    1. all of those are my name hehe..dunno hor,im not feeling ease at all when i hvnt get a job..not that i rush,but i really dun have the time.. thanks ya 🙂

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