what’s in these few days

has been to the country of perfectionist where everything seems to be so organize, Singapore! just been there 3 weeks ago and there i was again yesterday till this morning. such a short trip by bus,dont u think? lol. ^^

u know what, there were ALOT of eye candies yesterday along the Orchard street. like OMG,what’s happen? as i remember i dint see much the last time i was there, but yesterday was really another story haha..

and i was meeting up with my 3 best childhood frens, Cindy,Melda n Ruby. how rare! since everybody was separated to different countries, Malaysia, Singapore, UK and Australia. Of cos we didnt forget what we do best, CAM-HO! 😀 check back here on my previous post about my besties

if u can notice, the stupid machine edited our eyes become bigger! looks like a barbie stupid dolls LOL


5 thoughts on “what’s in these few days

  1. Did u have my recommended Singapore Sling finally? You should, especially u got your position, celebrate for that? Or should we go together and have it ?

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