5 things

omg, there’re lots of things that i want and need now..

1. macbook. why? my lenovo is in crisis, it can die again anytime and i have to spend quite amount just to fix it tho it cant be help ady >.< such a waste of money only as the repairman said..
2. iphone 4. why? finally it launched here at Malaysia after quite sometimes. it’s just my wish to have one of those “i”things which havent come true till now. lost my itouch back then before i even touch it. and if looking at my SE now,it looks like its been beaten up till lots of scratch everywhere..
3. shoes! why? my fav white shoes now is in crisis as well, it has open it’s mouth and waited the time to retired.sad..
4. jeans. why? i need more jeans to wear to work..not that same old same old jeans..havent shop for jeans for quite a long time.
5. wallet. why? ever see my wallet? it has a big hole on it. lol. its been 4 years with me..quite long eh..



8 thoughts on “5 things

  1. aiyor so cham 1. iphone4 must buy meh. not cheap ler. buy shoes 1st. at least raining feet wont get wet. Aih, now u made me look like foot fetish for ****. haha… must buy macbook ah? no cheap also. u ah, not expensive also wont buy hor. haha… sure kenot save 1 u.

    1. iphone have to lo..tats one of my older wish whch hvnt come true till now..eh i can save la..i will slowly get all the things that i need n want,not in one buy.. 😀

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