When i was back to Jakarta last weekend, i happened to do a long lost hobby of mine which i couldnt do at here,Msia. Digging cheap pirated dvd! LOL šŸ˜€ not that i purposely went and look for them,just i needed pirated software for my new lappy. attracted to all those movies dvd, i oso walked n dig for some. Well, i only bought 3 movies and fell in love with one of them after i watched it few days back. it’s a love comedy Thai movie called Bangkok Traffic Love Story BTS (not Bangkok Love Story k? its a different movie lol) the story is simply simple, funny and romantic, loves it. somehow i think the girl reflects me aLOT. For u who have my Fb might probably noticed i posted the trailer and the soundtrack there. it might not be your type of movie, but i do loves it, and the actor n actress are cute too hohoho..

the trailer:

the soundtrack, the meaning is exactly shows how i feel, this link to the one with translationĀ


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