i was at the lcct waiting room when i wrote this post. im going back to my hometown Medan this time. time flies so fast. as i remember i was just back to jakarta not long ago but here i am,waiting for my other flight again to indonesia. this time i need to renew my passport + extent my visa. and somehow i can get away from my waiting of that person. i hope it works. will be back on sunday and hope everything goes smoothly.

oh,one more thing, my working permit at malaysia was rejected but my company will still give another try. pray for me..

ciao..boarding soon.


4 thoughts on “boarding

  1. “In My Secret Life”

    I saw you this morning.
    You were moving so fast.
    Can’t seem to loosen my grip
    On the past.
    And I miss you so much.
    There’s no one in sight.
    And we’re still making love
    In My Secret Life.

    I smile when I’m angry.
    I cheat and I lie.
    I do what I have to do
    To get by.
    But I know what is wrong,
    And I know what is right.
    And I’d die for the truth
    In My Secret Life.

    Hold on, hold on, my brother.
    My sister, hold on tight.
    I finally got my orders.
    I’ll be marching through the morning,
    Marching through the night,
    Moving cross the borders
    Of My Secret Life.

    Looked through the paper.
    Makes you want to cry.
    Nobody cares if the people
    Live or die.
    And the dealer wants you thinking
    That it’s either black or white.
    Thank G-d it’s not that simple
    In My Secret Life.

    I bite my lip.
    I buy what I’m told:
    From the latest hit,
    To the wisdom of old.
    But I’m always alone.
    And my heart is like ice.
    And it’s crowded and cold
    In My Secret Life.

  2. why didn’t consider working at Singapore? Definitely you wouldn’t face so much issue about working visa compare to Malaysia since it’s much easier to get approve working visa at Singapore. Well wish you all the best, Merry Christmas and happy new year.

    1. Singapore is in my consideration too..but as im a fresh graduate by this time, i counted that its a bit difficult for me to survive there with the amount of my salary..thats why i stil wanna give msia a try..but in case this time still not working n my company giving up one me,then i’ll try singapore again..

      Merry Xmas and happy new year too William!thanks..

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