weekend rant

so its weekend again. the days which supposed to be lovely. ya its lovely when i hang out with people that i feel comfortable with , enjoying the day. but when i have to stay at home or hang around myself,i feel..lonely. that’s the reason sometimes i prefer my workdays with colleagues in the office rather than alone at home on weekends. cant blame me rite?

people do come and go, just like friends for me. people that i feel comfortable to be with always left or distance themselves from me after period of time. am i that bad..might be something wrong with me if there’s more than 2 peoples did the same thing, i guess. busy is the most used excuse that was given which left wit no news in the end. i really dont think im asking too much..companion is all im asking..the fact is,it is really not easy to be alone. u might can handle it, i do can handle it as well,but not all the time.

i might not be the only friend or someone for u all but u are my only friends that i love to be with. i sound selfish,dont i


10 thoughts on “weekend rant

  1. Nope. I think I can relate to your situation.
    I can imagine myself walled up in my room every night, and on weekends when I move there.

    The internet’s the saviour right?

  2. You are right…in some points, I think we are feeling the same.we can handle loneliness but not all the time.cheer up! you’ve been good as a friend. i laughed a lot with you around.dont i?

  3. Actually, I’m comfortable being with you one ( I dunno abt you lar. Hehe ) ….Just that, sometimes you need to put away the “emo” in you n enjoy the friendship, Hope you un.. Muacks?

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