Sawadee Krap Thailand

Went to Bangkok for my company trip early last week before i came back to Medan..there were 24 of us! including my bosses family of cos.hehe..quite a lot of people rite..most of them are fun people..ya most of them not all of them.But im working in a good company , at least i love what im doing right now..4 months only but can join company trip already hehe..thanks alot..

So for Bangkok itself, we stayed at Solo Sukhumvit Hotel 2, which is a boutique hotel, it’s nice tho, especially the shower room and found out yourself if u wanna know ๐Ÿ˜‰ FYI, i spent quite alot this time till its over my budget, shop alot for myslef haha.and my first experience of Thai Girl show and sex show XD..i like the sex show to be honest..i dint do anytg notti when i was there k?

Other thing is i dint take much photos this time Watt or temples photos or other Thai related photos..if u wanna see those photos u can check my previous posts here 1st Day at Bangkok 2nd Day at Bangkok 3rd n 4th Day at Bangkok .Cos this time was about shopping n shopping, eat at nice restaurant like dinner at the Cruise-2nd pic, Lemon Grass n such (as the boss demands it) haha..


6 thoughts on “Sawadee Krap Thailand

  1. LOL~ why you kept stressing “some” of them are nice? so some aren’t? Anyway~ your boss family was there too~ I somehow skipped that line in your post and has been wondering why your company have child labour then i read again and saw it LOL

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