one little thing bout me

i was having this conversation about hanging out in a group few days ago with James. dint talk much about this topic actually, it just suddenly came up cos i noticed that he is starting to hang out in a group as what i get from our usual conversation. and i was saying that i dont like to hang in a group tho i do did that. basically the reason for that is i will always feel that i was left out in the entire conversation or act that we were doing,most of the time. speak up,that’s what people usually told me to do if i complaining about this stuffs. not that  i dont want to,its just plain difficult when it comes to group. i used to have this problem during my school time with my schoolmates,but now with them i dont really care anymore cos i can represent myself better now..i only can be very alive when im with them, but of cos not when im moody. i can do group but i prefer 1-2 persons (for particular friends definitely),it’s more intimate not anti social ok? lol..


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