feels like forever

3 more days then it will be exactly 2 months since i back to Medan. omg. it sure is a very very long time for me cos i’ll never been staying back for 2 months for almost 5 years already. life has been so slow while im here, luckily got my friends around. well not 24/7 but still its enough to cure me sometimes. i miss my life back at KL, as u know i like to live my own life. this 2 months break,yes can consider as a break from working, is starting to get in my nerve cos i scared it’s taking its tool when i have to start working again when the time comes. this is one of the reasons i need to get back to work there asap. but till now, there’s zero news about my permit where it suppose to be settled right about next week..urgh i cant handle it any longer. oh God, u let me get thru here, pls dont walk away now, pls get me good news for my prayer everyday..

well,i’ll continue to wait..


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