one of the reasons that make me super moody today

boss: wait for me…i am sending you a new edm job.

me: is there really no other designer tat can help there boss?
me: cos im ady doing 2 events frm here

boss: oh ok lo….coz i like you ma
boss: my job is same as CH one la

me: yes i know boss. but i still need to handle this ## and LI’s ##

boss: no worries – you do for LI first. the ## thingy should be finalized by tomorow
boss: i will send u my stuff tomorrow…coz i am still doing the copywriting

me: ok then

so basically im handling 2 events right now. and suddenly my boss tried to give me another freakin one! ok,i can do it actually. but what made me so damn angry was THERE’s NO OTHER DESIGNER LEFT in my company,exception for 1 temp designer, and im supposed to take all the parts. plus i was  already angry and upset about how they handle my permit so far when i asked them early in the morning! (i complained too). i can finally get a bit taste of the reason why everyone was leaving this company. i’ll give it another shot to see how far i can handle  this, if it’s way too off the road, then i think i gotta resign.

ps: and wats with u like me so i gotta do all the works?


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