random facts

10 random facts that u probably dunno about me :D. again, note that it’s random.

1. i love my phone. it will stay by my side fr 24/7 (i bring it to shower sometimes lol) cos i cant live without one.
2. i love to look back the photos in my cellphone. every single time when i miss a moment or a person, there will be my first place to run to.
3. im a very possessive person. i will easily feel jealous if any of my so-called-frens or anyone who i think is important being close or hvg intimate time with other people.
4. i started doing “little business” when i was in my primary school.made small games and sell it in class. maybe i was born to become a businessman XD
5. if i was born as a girl, i will be given to my auntie by my parent.
6. bitten by a dog on my right hand till bleed n got stitch when i was a little cz i tried to sayang her where she tot i was trying to steal her puppies. but funny thing i love dogs till now
7. get into local tv show when i was in my kindergarten to performed with classmates. i think we were singing or smtg. and my parent went to neighbour’s house to watch!
8. i loved to suck my thumb. hehe who doesnt
9. get into bad mood whenever people answer me with “wateva”
10. i covered my whole body when im on beach.no sun allowed. why? cz i dunwan get tan! lol


6 thoughts on “random facts

    1. 3. how true worr..sounds like u knw me well ady. lol..
      5. errr nt to say discrimination la..my parents thought to give me away if i was a girl cos first, they ady have 2 girls and second ,my auntie want a baby girl..

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