make no sense

i’ve been thinking lately. about Malaysia government/immigration thingy. if lets say when we apply for working permit for wateva level it is,firstly it said that it will take approximate around 2 months. ok i think it still make sense. 3 months, im starting to wonder, are they really taking their sweet time to proceed the foreigners workers’ permit? and then getting into the 4th month, wth? with the reason they are taking their sweet time,again, it’s already making no sense, because the foreigner workers’ family will already be dead cos nobody’s feeding them while the dad/mom still waiting for their permit to be done. do i make sense? or something fishy is happening? seriously Malaysia government?


10 thoughts on “make no sense

    1. how u want me to grease the wheels wor..ive been complaining to my boss but what did i get..”they are taking their sweet time, i also cant do anytg” fml

      oh wait,u mean ask my company to grease the boss said tak boleh cz its quite tight right now so its kinda dangerous,dunno excuse or wat

  1. Thats how they work. Which I SUPER HATE it as well. Besides, it might also because the government is currently stopping for foreign worker to work here. Well all these is VERY STUPID I agree! ><

  2. what i think you should do is stop waiting and move on. it’s been four months.

    can you even blame it on the government while all the information you get is not even directly from the government? there’s a possibility to everything, even to your boss lying to you? or what ever they might think of.

    my advice is. get yourself a deadline. say 25 april. if by then, there’s no news, its time to give up. like, seriously.

  3. i think you should move on and stop waiting for that work permit. Maybe your company didn’t tell you the truth. Why not consider about Singapore which the government issue the work permit much faster but as i understand that their tight up the rules and regulation which not as easy as before to apply the work permit in Singapore. However you should give it a try. Since Malaysia do not welcome foreign worker why not jump ship to another country if you have make decision not working at your hometown. Anywhere best of luck.

  4. somehow its pretty complicated..ive been waiting for 4months and i scared its going to be wasted if i turn my back now..n it will b lot more difficult if i ever wanna work at Malaysia again since my record of applying permit was already there..Singapore will be my next destination if this one end up failed, and that tight up thingy with foreign worker will give me another problem in the future.sigh.. thanks for the advice tho..appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚

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