random update

1.when im not sitting infront of my laptop or shower or sleep or whoring lol..of course i went out and hanging with friends. that’s the best thing to do rite? last weekend we went out to the beach side and had ourselves a nice seafood then movie afterwards. what a life but still..i miss KL

2.finally i learn how to drive a manual car! lol..and i also did my driving license which is not complicated at all compare to Malaysia i guess. Was thinking to get an international license but seems i have to wait first. come come who want me to drive u? hahaa..i wanna save to get a car..but an apartment sounds good too.wait..still need years for those. XD

3.i actually got a very good news about my permit,i was told that my documents will be done by LAST WEDNESDAY. well,but jz like usual,that’s not happening till now. #malaysiatakboleh. so this is my 5th month of waiting. please get me back before my birthday. duh.

4.lately i see lots people travel here and there..i so envy them.i also want to travel 😦 anyone wanna invite me to go travel together sometimes around end of the year? but have to wait till i get back first. airasia promotions are so damn tempting @.@


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