worst nightmare came back

my worst nightmare came back to hunt me once again..after my battle with it long time ago and been defeated,now i lost all over again.those pimples and all those scars.dont know what to blame, dont know what is wrong, ever since i came back here to my hometown it’s getting worse and worse, i dont even know what to do anymore. now i will hide myself forever i guess cos i feel like a monster. i never rant with no reason.


6 thoughts on “worst nightmare came back

      1. I think it’s the climate. When I was living in SE Asia, I could never get rid of the pimples no matter what I did. Dermatologist, medicine, diet, etc. None worked.
        But when I came to Europe for my study, the pimples slowly disappeared. In a few months time, my face was fine again. Never had it till now.

  1. maybe try Peter Thomas Roth Acne 2% … cleanser. Can’t remember the actual name for that product but definitely good product to control your acne, which really work on me.

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