one of the most awaited day for me was finally over, well, it left me comparing with what i’ve been through the previous years.not that it’s a big deal of a celebration, just a day that i ought to be thankful for the life that has been given to me to be taken care of. my own, which is june 19.

this year celebration was pretty much the same with the years where i still havent step out my feet outside of my own country. just it’s the first time i made a treat for a dinner. usually i was the one who get treated. lol..a simple dinner there was and a birthday cake + a puppy painting as a gift 😀

as for the other hoursss before the dinner outing,i’ve spent the whole day watching Glee in my room.not the way i wanna spend my birthday apparently.parents left to jakarta the day before so i am alone in the house. as u know, a dreamer like me wish to have someone to celebrate it together out there somewhere haha..well,it’s not happening this year which made me miss last year getaway celebration alot. maybe next year. we’ll see.

Happy 23rd to me 🙂 and make my wishes come true please.

ps: thanks for all who greeted and wished me from Fb, twitter, messages, sms and in person 🙂 especially Davit, Angel, Veny, Elice and Erwin who celebrated with me.*hugs*


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