it all ends

well well well, finally i can get to enjoy the final Harry Potter here in Indonesia tomorrow Friday! the stupid tax thingy will be solved soon enough. maybe u heard about what happen or maybe not but the point is Indonesia banned all those box office movies from entering Indonesia because they failed to pay the amount of tax to shown the movies here which left the country showing the movies without any profit or such. i didnt really follow. but thanks God,it will be solved. it’s pretty dumb that we were/are served with all those stupid lame Indonesia horror movies every week and even few years back movies in the cinema,can u imagine they yet to shown The Social Network? oh please. after this booming Harry Potter, Transformer 3 will come next, hopefully follow by others.

Back to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, the tickets are sold in advance from yesterday after the big announcement that it will be shown this friday the day before. I was like omg i need to go see on the first day! (which pretty obvious that we are in Indonesia LOL) and after few difficulties, friends and I will be able to watch by tomorrow night! hah! lucky us since the cinemas are fully booked till Sunday i supposed. mind you that Medan do not have a lot of cinemas like Jakarta or other countries such as Malaysia or Singapore.

so YAY!


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