8 months of waiting

breaking news peeps!! u know what,my working permit is finally settled after 8 months of waiting! tho i am registered under “construction worker” which i cant do anything about it. well, my waiting for 8 months lands me 5 years of permit if i wanna work with the same company for that time of period. too long i guess. so it will be a 2 years working contract for me,if i decided to resign later on.

And oh,i will be back by next weekend, 19 August ๐Ÿ™‚ see yaaaaaa


10 thoughts on “8 months of waiting

  1. you know what, you probably should not mention it here. cause the immigration might check and take you to lock up. hue hue hue

    just kidding btw, i am so excited of you coming back! finally bitch!!

    eh do.. steamboat next week okay? bring mom along =)

  2. Congrats. Need to wear a hard hat at work? Hehe. Some ‘creative’ handling of Malaysian bureaucracy. So ngam, I’ll be back from Brunei on the 19th too.

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