the beginning of 2 years/more

okay, so mom has been here at KL with me from Friday (helping me to clean this 8months dusty room) and will be going back tomorrow,monday. it has been a tiring weekend as i was bringing her for a walk to malls (and the oug morning market XD). she seems like in a better stamina than i was.oh em gee. LOL. my feet feels like out of it’s place in these 2 days. mom is the kind of person who loves to see those same types of things over n over again but in different shops only but dint buy much. well,today will be her last night here and i will be alone again like how i used to be.

in the other hand,im going to start my routine again starting from tomorrow,coz i will be heading back to office to work.duh. work life. hello 2 years. so feel free to ask me out after work time or weekends if u guys are free k 😉


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