ok,tonite i got a question for u who’s already attached.

how do u feel of being attached? does it make u a happier person?

u know,whenever i hang out or seeing coupled friends, most of the time i will have this jealousy thought, how they have someone to share anything anytime anywhere,how they have someone to nag to, how they will always have companion for meals n stuffs, and therefore u will have lesser lonely feeling.

i know u guys will say in a relationship there wont always be happiness and happiness,there are fights moments too..but that’s the way it works right. u will still have each other if there’s love..

i wrote this not cos im being emo or something,just my statement of being alone is not that easy at all and im Β hoping that my soulmate will come as soon as possible! hehehe πŸ™‚ oh and dont think that this is all im thinking and worried about ok!? look from my point of view too πŸ˜‰




11 thoughts on “soulmate

  1. Some people who are not attached will yearn to be attached. Some people who are attached yearn to be single. This is what I see.

    As for me, being attached has been a very rewarding experience. But for me, it’s kinda special. Being in an LDR kinda makes me single and attached at the same time. A kind of in-between.

  2. Wowzers already anticipated the possible remarks from us. Don’t be jealous, coz you’ll get your fair share of being into relationships too. Then we’ll see what posts you would write then. Stay kewl; love will find its way to you soon πŸ˜‰

    1. what do u mean by “Wowzers already anticipated the possible remarks from us”? wowzers? wat possible? who are us?
      love is getting lost i guess! it cant find its way here. lol

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