me as the subject

Now since the whole office know that I go to gym,they like to bring up the subject whenever they wanna make joke of me..yes we like to make fun of each other so no worry. So there’s this one day my EM came down n chit chatting with the boss, and there’s my name suddenly pop out

EM: eh you didn’t bump to Ali meh when u go to gym, Celebrity Fitness also rite?
Boss: yea, I’m no longer going to Midvalley one,I prefer going to Sunway,traffic is much better.
EM: oh but he (me) really wait for bus for an hour just to go to gym one wor.if it was me,I’ll be sien by the time the bus come
Boss: yala, he got nobody waiting for him at home ma, he’s alone here.
Me: *jleb* (stab in the heart)


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