december movies far.

it’s been awhile since my last post about movies review, but now im back with one! hopefully u guys havent watch it, or it might be too late. lol. as u know, these past few months there’s not much blockbuster movies that were shown, more or less. and with the fact, hollywood movies were banned in Indonesia (when i were there few months back- earlier this year), i felt left out in this big little world. XD.

ok so here we go, the latest 4 movies that i’ve watched.

you are the apple of my eyes

one thing that i noticed about this movie – it was always fully booked. guess malaysian,or i can say teenagers, really loves this type of movie. in fact me too. hah! the thing is, the story reflects most of our school life in the past (or maybe now) which make the audience feels closer to the character in the movie. indeed i feel the same too, the movie reminds me of my school time, a very light friendship and love in between, broken hearted, exams, fun, laughter, sadness, made me miss the time back then. this movie is recommended for u who enjoy looking back at life (in a positive way). oh and just for warning, there are “tfk” and naked butt scenes (alot). XD story: ok, stars: ok, visual: ok, 3.5 stars

Arthur Christmas

Not exactly the type of movie that i love to watch, but with this christmas spirit around who doesnt like to have a piece of christmas’ joy movie? (the fact is there’s no other movie to watch – not interested in happy feet or puss in the boots). so this arthur christmas shows us how exactly santa is doing his magic every year in the christmas eve to send over million/billion christmas gifts for all the children in the whole world (hight tech delivery machine and techniques!). too bad, with all those high tech stuff, santa accidentally left out 1 child which lead arthur to go and save the day. for me this movie is most suitable for kids who still living in the joy of christmas, where adults might find it “meh”.but since it’s the only christmas movie available, so why not.. story: erm, visual: ok ,i rate it 2.5 stars.

twilight: breaking dawn

i know u love this movie! haha! well..i dont,honestly.but as i always said, when i already watched the 1st n the 2nd movies of a trilogy/more, i will need to finish watching the whole series. in this case,it’s this twilight saga. for this part I of the last movie, i found it pretty much just the same with the others, annoying. if u can bare with this whole married-baby thingy of a vampire and a human, or with my kind of excuse, then go ahead. no harm, only annoyed. LOL. luckily Kellan Lutz and Ashley Green can eased the pain. story: meh, stars: erm, visual: ok, 2.5 stars

New Year’s Eve

when there are more than 5 stars starring in a movie, call me! remember Valentine’s Day or He just Not That into You? that is the kind of movie you will get from New Year’s Eve,full wit stars ❤ which i love. the movie is only focusing in that particular day before the new year, how all these characters live their life with hope, regret, wishes and dream that will take them to another level of what they believe and not believe in. it might looks cliche but this particular thing is the thing that reminded us that everything is possible if we just have a little faith. actually it seems pretty short for me, but then as the title already said “new year’s eve”, what can i complaint about? 😀 story: ok, stars: wow, visual: ok, i rate it 3.5 stars


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