Merry the Christmas!

BEWARE! christmas overdose ahead! kidding..first of all, merry christmas to you all beautiful people who celebrates this day, and happy holiday for you who doesnt celebrating. either way, we still will come across the jolly jolly spirit of it right?

ok so way back in 2009 i did write some posts about Christmas in Malaysia’s shopping malls, now here’s the 2011 version of it tho im missing some malls that i previously listed cos i dint manage to visit all those malls during this christmas season. in fact,some of them (some of the malls down there) i dint go and took photos by my ownself. lol.(credit: kelven)

honestly speaking, this year christmas decors are not better than previous years. less than stellar. none of them really “wow” me. well,maybe the reason is i dint see it all with my own eyes. let you be the judge!

Merry the IOI

IOI mall presents you a very very simple christmas decors. nothing fancy and nothing amazing which i can understand. it’s IOI. well, at least there are still decors to celebrate this one of the biggest holiday event in a year.

Merry the Sunway Pyramid

one of the shopping malls that i dint manage to go and witness by myself, sunway pyramid. (credit: by the photos that i’ve seen, it’s pretty good actually. a classic feel, with a block of explanation about the christmas decors itself such how snowan was created, how reindeers are used, what is Robin and so on.. good job

Merry the One Utama

surprised surprised~ where are the christmas tress, 1U? one utama decided to use a different approach this year, an underwater christmas theme, where you can see the shell-angels, huge shell, fishes, and all those things down under. impressive? not bad, cos it’s different from all the competitors this year. i love how they did the staging for their performances, just like how they usually did most fo the years.

Merry the Emporium Shopping Gallery

look who’s back and running! after the tragic incident, now Emporium is back to serve us. but looking at their christmas decors, it is such a turn off, nothing special about it at all, it seems like they are doing it half-hearted, i cant even feel the christmas atmosphere in there. too bad. maybe they spent most of their money to renovate the mall itself? i dont know.

Merry the Gardens

gardens oh gardens. what happen with your christmas decorations? it’s pretty and such..but what’s new? well, at least it’s not a bad one.

Merry the Midvalley

one of the always-stunning-mall-christmas-decos, midvalley. with an Amaze-ing christmas all the Way theme, they built a maze on their centre court. actually it’s pretty simple,but the fact that there’s a maze in a mall, makes people excited cos they can interact with it. the other side of the court were decorated in a simple way, which is wasted. it couldve been better.

Merry the Berjaya Times Square

from what it looks like (cos i havent been there), times square is having a toys christmas theme. another big christmas tree in the middle with toy box store surrounding it. well, from the photos, they look like they missed some touch of “playground”

Merry the Pavilion

well, this is the mall which always have the potential to become the best christmas decoration mall in town. this time they are back with the theme Christmas Wonderland. another wonderland, candyland, lollipop, sweets = boring. ou and the recycle reindeers from 2009. really pavilion? the only plus point from this is the carousel.

Merry the Suria KLCC

the last but not least, klcc. i havent been here as well. the only photo that i got shows pretty much a lot like a classic christmas theme with a rotating Santa Claus,as i heard. guess it’s a simple and nice approach they are using, as long as the lights are up 😉

there you go, 9 listed malls with their christmas decorations in a post. so do you have any favourite either in this list or out of this list? share your opinion 😉



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