signing in dragon year

here we are, second weekend of 2012 and my first post of the year. how your year started? great? mine was not quite. stopped by polices while i was walking out from my office to bus stop at night with unreasonable accusation – i carried a bag =.=” hello? do i look like a thief? zzzzzz

the other thing was, we (some of us) dint get any xmas presents that we supposed to get. was promised that our xmas presents will come from San Fransisco (cos the lady boss will be there),but what we got was only the stupid jelly beans sweet. seriously? from robinson xmas present voucher of hundreds to jelly beans. hah! u do the count. nvm, i’ll let it pass as long as we got the bonus that we deserved! lol (which we havent get till now)

but anyway, 2012 still a long way to go. all the best in this dragon year y’all! ❤


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