hello february

Now I know why malaysia is named the country that has the most public holidays! Good for us who works here actually, so I’ve got no complaint at all :D. Anyway, the cny holiday mood was supposed to be over,but then there comes the state holiday n long weekend for thaipusam! (But it’s over yesterday) since it will be the last public holiday until may, I was planning for some getaway to ipoh. Too bad for me, I had to cancelled it cos there’s no more return ticket on Tuesday. Well, luckily I still managed to had some fun,mostly are malls shopping trip n gym.

For the cap go meh, I spent it at Genting Highland, a sudden plan by me, and a yes from a friend :D. It supposed to be a fireworks that night but the thick mist successfully postponed the joy. And do u know that there’s this Doraemon World event thingy going on there? Actually it was over onthe sunday,but still we managed to cam-whore abit with their photo opp. Hehe.

So happy belated cap go meh y’all! And let’s get back to work. LoL


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