nestle’s months for me

what i tiring week i was having and will be having. almost got me sick. for this past week, the weekend to be exact, was busy preparing and conducting an event by nestle at PICC, putrajaya. can u imagine i had to run here and there in that HUGE PICC to set up the decoration 2 days in a row, plus wearing the wrong shoes on the event date itself! how suffering. >.< Was K.O straight after the event was done. staying late at office days before the event as well. geezz..

ps: went to Avril Lavigne’s concert right in the middle of these chaos days! lol..

next few more days there will be another nestle event for the other department. this time around it will be held at Bangi there, not sure which Hotel, which means need  to stay over there for set up and the event too. urgh, panadol will be my best friend. hopefully wont K.O again haha..



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