sad case :)

(note: this song has nothing to do with this post, but currently is one of my fav tune) 

my blog has died y’ the busiest time in my 2 years time working in this company,hopefully there wont be anytime like this soon in future cos i wanna rest for a while..

ok so let me just write a random post for the sake of filling my ‘march’ one thing i want to tell u guys……i want to travel!!!! XD seeing that everybody is going for songkran again this year,makes me jealous..huhuhu…everytime that i see the cheap flight from Airasia, i will get excited but then later on will think who will i be going with =.=” duh, what a sad case..

last few days, when i updated my blackberry status to ‘i want to travel :s’, my sis responded it..
sis: i asked u go to japan u dunwan
me: cannot expensive
sis: like that ah, how about korea? it’s much cheaper
me: =.=””” speechless

hahah my sis asked me to go japan wit her, but then i have to pay the flight n such for myself which is around 5k rm, money from where?? LOL

if u guys are having a trip, please do invite me k?! XD


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