One day becoming me. Part 1

Wake up in the morning, check time, 7.45. Lazing around or continue to sleep until 8.25. Go shower.thinking what to wear.preparing stuffs for gym.packed.head up to office. Along the way to office thinking what to have for breakfast. Decided.bought.reach office on computer while having the breakfast. Check works.pissed because of some annoying colleagues. Move on with works. lunch time, waiting for one of the colleague to open their mouth asking for lunch. Pissed of some colleagues when deciding where to eat. Decided.go lunch.order same old food.chit chat when got mood.keep quite when no mood.gossiping about work and such. Go back office, continue works, facebooking, browsing, download.waiting for off work.leave office the earliest.wait for bus or get a ride to midv gym from colleague.gym.checking whether gym friends are there or not. Ask them to dinner together.if none free, take bus back which take forever.tabao same old food. Walk downloaded movie.done.sleep.wake up.


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