Well, life has been more interesting (although just abit more) than just writing and updating my dearie blog nowadays. And then i thought of it wouldnt be so bad if i just did a recap summary of my months, excuse for not doing daily or weekly,lol..


A trip that has been planned since early of the year finally there. went alone this time with companion of a penpal. the fun part was i experienced few new things in Bangkok and the shopping of cos . the not so fun part was the rain which blessed me the entire trip of mine. lol..


Right after i came back from Bangkok, actually even when i was still there ive been falling asick. not a good start of the month, went to doctor which doesnt really sound like me. the worst thing was my tooth had a very bad decay and needed an immediate check up by the dentist. went to the newly open Queck Dental  Surgery at Bukit Jalil (a very nice dentist and environment) and turned up most of my teeth are not in a good condition. almost my whole month salary was sacrificed to save them. oh dear.

Had a very unusual haircut for myself..i love this hairstyle but then it doesnt suits me this will be the first and last time i did that style, i wish my forehead is not that high so i can experiment more..

so many birthdays these 2 months! lee yi, tagnan, wayne,  vincent, two of my sisters, and so wishes for all of you k! love you guys..tho we didnt celebrate together with some of you. but my prayer still goes out.

these are a bunch of busy people, a very difficult people to meet up with. usually only once in a month or months only can catch we managed to had a good meeting that night .

The first monthly company activity that has been planned. a dinner. a very seldom thing to be expected from my company haha..well,company trip has been postponed for almost 2 years.. what can i say right..but it was a good steamboat gathering, follow up with movie with colleagues.

so see ya end of next month! have a good month ahead peeps! xoxo



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