goodbye november. you sucks.



Went to the Hottest Hunks show for the very first time! it’s exciting because i’ve never been to this kinda show before. The guys are really really hot! wonder how much tortured they went through to get that kinda body, i want too! lol..Went with Vincent as there’s nobody felt like going.


KK gang day out to klang and everywhere else in between ;D went for bak kut teh for lunch, Setia City mall to lepak and camwhore at the Starbucks then end it with the famous I-City. Was a very fun least till the end of the day after dinner at SS2 murni.


Now everytime i see chow tofu, it surely will reminds me of someone i dearly care about. i never dare to try it till i was forced by someone 🙂 what a memory..but too bad it has comes to an end, tho it’s not really the end but it will never be the same anymore. my heart has been broken into pieces.


Gathering with vincent, bryan and desmond after our gym routing at CF midvalley. enjoyed our dinner at Dragon-I then continue with a refreshing funny comedy movie, Pitch Perfect. this gathering was supposed to be a movie and sing k sesion, but it had to be canceled because of my recent drama 😐 well..everything happened for a reason.


It’s been awhile since my last visit to a temple..and i finally step my foot on one, thanks to vincent 🙂 my mind is definitely not in a clear state lately by some reasons that i cant manage to hold myself to think of. i remember i was very happy as i got into the temple itself. i wish i can stay longer and get some meditation, but i know it just wont happen. did some prayer for myself and my family,then light up a candle, in hope for enlightenment from the Higher power above.


Met up with Raymond for the first time. accompanied by his friends we went to visit late larry at his last resting place. the friend that i have never manage to meet had been taken away by God to be at His side. i hope he rest in peace up there. i wish and still wishing that raymond and family will be given the strength to hold on..


the title of the pic is “put a smile on your face”, what an irony the difference between what’s inside and what’s shown outside. november has really taken its tool on me,badly.. either my personal life or even my work life, i never feel a genuine happiness in this entire month. it really was killing me softly. i wish i can just switch my feeling off just like what they did in the movie. still, life goes on.

Imagechristmas is in town! public places start showing off their enchanting decoration to welcome the month of joy as christmas and end of the year are approaching. fast. let’s wish that this month will bring happiness for all of us cos santa claus is coming to town 🙂


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