end of the world..i mean 2012


December, a much better month from the previous two..lots of colleagues gathering, friends gathering, gifts, party, fun fun and fun 😀 maybe cos it’s a joyous month for everyone. well where there is fun there will be extra expenses as well..lol. since it’s end of the year,i’ll just give it a go.


Surprisingly there were a lot of fun with colleagues and excolleagues this month (when works didnt get in our way of cos). had my tong yuen in the office made by one of mummy in office, gathering outside of the office-by gathering it means foods and drinks for them! lol..drunk for the first time in my 24y life, what an experience..thanks the beers, liquor and wine i became the toilet bowl dj.


here are three of us again! actually it was four of us, forgotten to take pics with our beloved Karen. it’s been two months since our last meet up. then there we were,trying to made time to celebrate christmas together in Sunway Giza and Scott’s Garden. had a quite satisfying meal in Movida and exchanged some gifts among us. and like always, talked nonsense about everything with the fellow besties and guest in honor karen kok XD


Invited by a friend of Vincent to join their christmas party in one of the church at Cheras. there’s singing session, dinner, talk, games, which trying to bring all the guests together to enjoyed themselves more. it’s quite fun tho, cant really remember when was the last time i did this, or maybe i havent at all.


another pre christmas outing, but this one was the real christmas eve outing. i mean the night before Christmas itself. went   out with Vincent and Ryan as per plan. Had our dinner at Plan B and moved all the way up to Sunway Giza again for yumcha and countdown. it was weird when all the club and  bars had different time of countdown haha..#failed.


Christmas time! i love home party and it’s a potluck! anyone who read this please invite me when you are having home party k? lol..of cos it will be much better when it’s a home party gathering with those who are very fun and friendly 😀 i was actually quite happy  at that time but too bad i needed to share it with my sadness because of someone there. i did manage to survive eventually. games session and gifts exchange session were great.like always.lol.. thanks Desmond for inviting..


These are some tokens that i got for this year Christmas..improved quite a lot from how it used to be 🙂 and there are some others that i didnt manage to get a shot. thanks everybody..


Trip time! since our company didnt manage to give us a company trip (which is suck), we decided to have it on our own. and Fraser’s Hill was choosen in the peek period. 2 days 1 night trip was planned along with some bbq and drinking session (like always!), there was archery games as well. the hill itself actually was not really a nice place to visit,in my hoest opinion, but when you went with bunch of crazy people everything else doesnt seems to matter. haha..nice stay,nice foods,nice games,awesome laugh.


les miserable new year eve. not as what i expected, but well i coudnt do anything much lol..Watched Les miserables with james in the afternoon then head up for dinner with Vincent and friends in their condominium up in Damansara area. stayed for steamboat and hang around till the countdown. not much fireworks in sight cos blocked by buildings, only sounded like warzone out there..well there goes my 2012.

HELLO 2013!


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