A start of the new year


And this is it, the first month of 2013 has finally come to an end in a blink of an eye. it was a pretty busy working month as well for me. lots of back to back event to be designed and managed which required me to go outstation to help out. luckily there’s no less fun or else i’ll be doomed! ^^Image

To open up the year, my company arranged a dinner gathering at a Vietnamese restaurant called Sao Nam located somewhere in Changkat. it was quite a delightful gathering with nice foods served. should give it a try.


ok, so the picture supposed to shows my newly dyed hair color. but camera doesnt seems to capture it well! hah! lol..so to start off the year and preparing for chinese new year with something new and fresh, i decided to dyed my hair. it now is a coffee brown color ^^


Hello there,Penang! the city of my heart ❤ i love this city so much as you already know. so this time my work brought me here for 3 days 2 night at Equatorial Hotel. most of the time was spent inside the hotel for preparation of the event and such. only managed to went out  on dinner time, what a waste huh? hmph! missed the opportunity to take photos of the famous paintings on the wall. sad. guess i’ll be back for those!Image

on the way back to KL from Penang, we stopped by Ipoh for their famous tauge chicken. nothing much after that, no time to explore more.ImageImage

Malls are all ready to welcome and celebrate Chinese new year, and so do we! camwhoring with their decors everywhere we went haha..pavillion, midvalley and one u. Have my once in a blue moon meeting with leo and leeyi. movies with kelven. and met up with Mervin for the first time.


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