28days of here and there


A month full of gathering it was. either it’s gathering with family, friends and even company. It’s a month full of love as well cos there’s Valentine’s day and chinese’s valentines day, too bad im single?! haha..

ImageCompany dinner.again.to welcome CNY before everyone gone back to their hometown. it is some restaurant at Kuchai Lama, cant remember the name. everyone was there including the interns and bosses’ family. pretty good gathering and dinner.


ImageBack at homecountry for a week! Jakarta,not my hometown Medan to be precise. it is my second year spending CNY in the city where CNY doesnt seems to exist. it was pretty boring last year but then luckily this year is much better, thanks to my sis 🙂 the feeling was wonderful seeing my family after quite sometimes.

ImageFound time to meet up with Cindy, my bestie from stone age time. lol. she had move to Jakarta to work as for now. had some great dinner in a mall nearby. didnt spend too much time meeting up tho cos it was after her working hour. anyway, still great to see her!

ImageBack to KL again after a week break. then the next day,sunday, i’ll have to go back office for office opening. Actually i was drunk the night before for our CNY colleague’s gathering at one of my colleague house. can you imagine you need to wake up early in the morning to go to office after a hangover. urgh,it was killing me. but well, i survived.


ImageSpending cap go meh with a bunch of friends, thanks Bryan for the invitation for the dinner and gathering at his house. lots of first time here, gamble and lantern. gamble part is kinda fun until you lost some money lol..releasing lantern to the sky is one of the things that ive been wanting to do, was so happy! 😀 hope my wishes come true. *finger cross*


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