March madness.or maybe not.


A quite quiet March, nothing much happen but some significant event in life was happen in this month. well let’s get to it.

1aMy ex-colleague/friend’s proposal night! i was asked to help with the decoration of the night, quite an interesting task πŸ˜€ as this was kinda my first time to do that (except from my event job of cos). it turned out quite ok, a very sweet night for the couple and a night to be remembered πŸ™‚

2aDined in Thai Street Food which located at old klang road, was my first time there. foods are kinda nice but it’s bit pricey. so if u have budget and craving for thai foods, you might wanna come here and give it a try. it was for a colleague’s bday dinner btw.

3aA car hunting month! with the help of my friends and colleague, i managed to view some kancil (budgeted car lol) as per the picture up there. then made up my mind after consulting my sis and mom whether to get the car or not. the gold kancil which i called it VW-Kancil (lol) is currently my ride in this KL city. hehe..finally, after 6years plus facing lousy kl public transport.


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