Busy having fun


This month was full with excitement activity and outing with friends and colleagues, loves it much. From KL to Melaka till Bangkok 😀
ImageThis time my Bangkok trip was less than usual from all the previous trip that ive done before, you know why? because i travelled by train! lol..what an experience..it’s pretty waste of time tho, unless you love to enjoy the journey. so me and my travel partner transited to Butterworth first for few hours stop before continuing an-almost-24hours-train-ride to Bangkok. talking about enjoying the bumpy ride! lol..

ImageAfter a very very tiring journey (for me), where i learned the quote “enjoy yourself to be boring” from my friend, we finally reached our lovely and nice hotel, Saladaeng Collonade, which i think you all know where it is located. it’s a very nice homestay if you can afford and willing to spend (not that i can and willing.. xp). check their website for better pics 😉

ImageParagon cineplex, my first impression was “WOOOOWWW where have i been all this years?” lol..excuse me for being so outdated. ive never seen this kind of cinema in Indonesia, Malaysia or even Singapore. their cinema is pretty cool cos they provided a lot of purchasing systems and entertainment while we’re waiting for our show. worth a try, tho their tickets price are a bit pricey, depends on the row of seats that you choose.


Camwhore times..didnt take a lot of pics actually, cos i was having a bad hair week! lol..so took some pics here and there just for memory.Image

Company movie night at The Gardens GSC. the first time since i worked at here. it’s kinda sudden, just decided like two days before the date itself. watched Olympus has Fallen which was quite good. dinner at Hokkaido Sushi before the movie and camwhores like what we usually did XDImage

Three Musketeers are at it again. hehe.. our once in a blue moon gathering. this time we went for karaoke and sang our heart out for ourselves to hear.lol..other than that,we had supper and heart to heart session about our life where of cos our love and work life included.



Later of the month, my company had our away day to Melaka, which included Port Dickson as our first stop. We were having our first team building at Eagle Ranch PD, doing all sorts of physical activity which was very torturing but fun..jumping, hiking, climbing, rafting, shouting..it was awesome, i wish to do that more often 😀

Melaka time! we stayed in Philea Resort & Spa, a bit far from the Melaka city actually, but it was a cool place to stay in, different from all the other hotel that ive stayed in. woods and trees concept. not sure about the price tho, heard it’s kinda pricey.



There’s another part of our team building here as well. and this was another cool one, my first Amazing race experience :D, walk run here and there to all part of the famous Melaka to find out answers and doing tasks as were told. and guess what, my team came as a winner! haha bravo to us! For the rest of the trip, we just had our own fun together gather 🙂


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