May Mayhem . NOT


ImageFood food food. Starting the month of May with nice foods here and there, not that much actually, just gathering with friends and colleagues once in a while. Food never really is my priority to be honest. lol. i can have the most normal food on the road side but of cos need to be those that eatable XD. So in case you wanna date me, you know what to do haha..


May is the election month for Malaysia, which was pretty intense i MAY say tho im not a malaysian, i know which side they are really in to. Ive been here for years but this year is the first time i saw how malaysian can come united for their country’s future sake. the result was not as expected but well done malaysian for the great job.Image

Indoor wall climbing session with colleagues at Madmonkeyz in Wangsa Maju. my first time ever. it was a great experience for someone like me, and i noticed that this is a great sport to shape ourselves as well, but i dont think i can do this as a hobby haha..too tough XD .it is not a cheap sport, unless you wanna become a member then there’s a cheaper package.

ImageWesak day was here again. tho i didnt manage to go to the temple on the exact day but i made it the day after. went to Thean Hou temple by myself and spent sometimes there after did some prayer. just sat there for hour and seeing people paid their respect to God. help some strangers with their photos as well. made some peace for myself 🙂

ps: my car broke down the very first time since i bought, on this month. hmph!


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