june oh june

Hello there  June! my most favourite month of the year *hint:it is my bday month. but..not so much this year. tho some extra miles happened this month 😉 work wass crazy and a holiday trip in the middle of it.ImageImageImageImageHello KK! the day was finally here, a trip which has been booked 7-8months in advance where new friends are made prior to this trip. my first time stepping foot on this island. any cities next to a sea are always awesome, whether it’s the food or the beautiful view.

The trip itself was not that bad entirely, a bit pro and con here and there, but i’ll just look at the bright side that ive stepped my foot on somewhere else other than kl, indo or bangkok. lol. what i love the most about the island is of cos their freshly cooked seafood, it is really..fresh and not as expensive. where all the other meals, i found that it is more expensive than here in kl. weird rite. the other awesome thing that i experienced was the night river boat ride to the place where fireflies exist in a group! can you imagine how beautiful it is. surrounded by them, glittering in a night sky, sitting in a boat with your beloved (too bad this one didnt happen to me.lol), and a clear sky full with stars! oh dear, i would love to do that again.


Jeng jeng jeng, here comes my birth day. the b day.the H day. whatever you called it.lol. it was not happening at all as the entire few weeks was crazy packed with event works. so no celebration, OT till 9 plus and forced myself to just leave and had some fresh air. ended up i drove out and pick one friend up after his work shift to have a proper meal. there was my first slice of bday cake and dinner/supper to end the special day. thx for that someone who had accompany me 🙂

Belated bday treat from the beloved gym buddy. so nice of him for wanting to ease my bday disappointment by treating me a nice dinner at Alexis the Garden after the gym session hehe.. thanks uncle Lim, appreciate it very much ❤ (“uncle” is just a teased .lol)


The next belated bday celebration came from my bestie Leo & Leeyi, what left of the PCG hahah..spent the day with them at Ikea and Paradigm. were treated by the all-you-can-eat Sukiya and the self decor cake from the ice cream.lol.pretty creative.not to forget our routine camwhore seesions which made a great memories in the future ❤ thank dears.Image

A week plus after, J&S had their belated bday treat for me when we met up. Dine at the Hokkaido japanese restaurant at The Garden, had another ice cream as a bday cake.lol. the three quarter of the saturday was well spent with their companion cos i gotta head up to another event later that night. thanks ya.. with love ❤

ImageLater the night after meeting up with S&J, i attended the Chivalrystyle launch event at KL Live, not as a guest tho, but as a helper for Private Structure runaway to support the event. it was a dream come true haha.. why i said so?? look at those pics! full with hunks with achievement (im talking about body here..), how i wish to be like them xp. well, i was asked to help some of them to dress up and..down for the runway,it was my first time and i can said that i handled it pretty well, tho it ran pretty fast from the first set to the next set. it was fun and great experience after all ^^


2 thoughts on “june oh june

  1. woo hoo..kk, my playground.
    is that ngiu chap from jalan lintas and laksa from sinsuron (behind le meridian hotel)?
    there are nice food nearby these places.in fact, the kopitiam selling laksa (if you went there) also sells mee tuaran..among the best noodle dish in the world..ahaks

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