One of the most anticipated month of the year, why? It’s Bangkok B**ch! XD. well before we get into that, July was as good as it can get, nothing less nothing more, from farewell to convocation and sin city.


Bosses were in the mood to treat us meal again because of our hard work earlier months, so this time round she was suggesting to go to Burger Lab at ss2. and of course we were down for it since it’s a place for hipster like us. lol. kidding. we managed to got off earlier that day to secured ourselves a seat cos there were more than 15 of us.


Bit farewell to our most “important” colleague this month, can be said she was the celebrity in our office because of her character and personality which was fun and easy going. too bad she had to leave us to enjoy her round-the-world-trip! hah! well, it’s better than stuck here in office day and night like what she always had to do. off you go for a better future gal!


Finally the day had come for our Si-fu to received his Master title. So to shows our dear ah Leo support, me and leeyi drove all the way to Putrajaya to attend his convocation at PICC. Thought that we were late but luckily we were not, we managed to snap ourselves a lot of photos to be kept. then off to Paradigm to celebrate afterwards.

ImageImageImageImageImageHere i was, back to the sin city again after my last trip on April! haha..i do love Bangkok so much it seems. After held myself back from shopping too much on april, this time round i did not. Went with a bunch of fun people, the trip was easily become one of the most fun Bangkok trip ive ever had. it was also the first time i have ever visited Pattaya, tho only for a night. Made new friend there, ate new foods, went new places, just like a virgin trip lol. cant wait for the next round next year!


2 thoughts on “Jul-I

  1. woo hoo..bangkok
    i turn down going to bangkok several time from a friend. things are not right for me at that time but i would love to go there. that friend of mine was like “if you go to bangkok, you dont want to go home”….i was afraid of that..lol

    since you visited thailand twice in a year, it is a good indicator for me to consider my friend proposal..lol

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