The decision

Well, as I’ve updated on my fb few days ago, I got myself another two years contract with my current company and I accepted it. Tho I haven’t sign the contract yet but ya that’s what going to happen.

Asking me about how I feel, I’ll answer you that I have mix feeling about it. Why? Firstly you probably already know that I love to stay here in KL rather than my County back there. Here I have the chance to live my life freely as myself but of cos responsibly. And the fact that I get used to here more than my newly moved in city jakarta. And I feel very happy that I got the chance to stay back for another two years. But the thing is, I don’t have many friends tho I’ve been staying here for 7 years, people do come and go, with the fact that I can’t maintain any of those I feel lonely. Staying in the city where you have no one to relate to make you feel frustrated sometimes. People that I feel comfortable with doesn’t seem to feel the same way, and the other way around too, which end up with loneliness cos I’m just someone from other country staying here to work. I’m just not lucky enough to build strong relationship with people.

So there goes my pro and con in continuing another two years working and staying here in KL.

Happy weekend to you all anyway!


3 thoughts on “The decision

  1. i can relate to that..
    for few years studying in KL seems like totally different planet where i come from..ppl used to make fun on how i speak their language (mother tongue can be a bitch sometimes, but hey, you cant get rid of it) it already hard for me to hide my dialect, my facial features are not helping too..(muka cina tapi bukan cina, muka melayu tapi makan char siew) lol

    now i’m working here for a few years, most ppl still would not understand me.i end up repeating myself in their dialect or my dialect..but its fun to be different, super fun..and im winning almost every conversation 20-1 and i have a trump card if im losing ^ ^.

    i have a different take on the subject of having friends.i do not need 10k known ppl, i only need 3 friends that i can really trust.its subjective really, but it suit its purpose of having

      1. have friends.
        btw, i think i saw you at the gym the other day but i don’t remember when. i’ll greet you next time when is see you..cheers

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