a pretty quiet August

ImageThere’s this cute chubby cat that likes to wonder around the neighbourhood. there’s one night i managed to lured her in to my house and my room (sounds like a pervet or a murderer lol) and i managed to get her to camwhore with me for few photos hahah…surprisingly she’s very up to it! what a kitty.

Imageit’s the time of the month again, haircut time! this time around i dared myself to have something different from what i usually had. i chopped off my fringe! the last last time when i didnt have my fringe was way back on my primary school time which is long long time ago. but hell yeah, im no longer shy of showing off my high and round forehead ;p

Imagepotluck gathering with the bangkok gang for the very first time. we were having it at James’ house since it’s convenient for everybody who stay around the area. we were having some self cook dishes from each one of us except me of cos since i dont know how to cook, so i contributed chicken nuggets from KFC lol..well that’s what was requested from me. it was just a decent gathering without any drinking session and proper group photo, too bad. accompanied by thai horror movie 4bia on youtube.

Imagethat night supposed to be only a dinner and movie night with Kenny and timmy. But to my surprise it’s also happen to be Kenny’s birthday night! so instead of having a normal dinner, we went to Plan B and had a birthday dinner with a birthday cake for a simple celebration.

ImageDan was here all the way from KK! he’s a Filipino friend whom i know when i travelled to KK back in June this year. since he only dropped by for not too long, i dated him for a dinner and movie in midvalley after my working hour. looking forward to our next meeting Mr Dan! XD


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