The Good & The Bad September


Once upon a time, reading was one of my favourite hobbies, but as time goes by and as i grow older, the excitement of reading also died a long the Some books/novels are left unfinished. so to start of my September’s lonely weekend without any dates, i decided to drive all the way to my favourite part of PJ and did my reading there and it turned out pretty cozy accompanied by the rain out there. hope i can do this more often.


Out of sudden in the gym, uncle Lim invited me to join his BBQ gathering with all his friends (the same friends from the few celebration earlier this year) which i replied with yes (obviously). it marks my first time driving to his house and got bit lost upon reaching on his house XD . the gathering itself was not bad at all, tho i was not that close with all his other friends.oh and it’s thanks uncle Lim..


Celebrating er chui Tiara Lai’s bday few days earlier this year on a Sunday since everyone is free. went to Publika to try out their SWINE pork restaurant, bit pricey but it’s kinda good. Gave her her present that i bought and kept from my previous Bangkok trip, hopefully she likes it and use it! duh. to make it more happening, Leo got her balloons and party hat to wear for the rest of our day at Publika and One U XD



A dear friend from Bangkok, Yos, was here visiting for almost a week and as a good friend that i always am,lol, i accompanied him during the stay here. brought him to Genting  Highland for a one day trip which he requested for and eventually fall in love with the place. We also had a dinner gathering with the rest of the Bangkok trip gang at a Vegetarian restaurant nearby their place. Yos was happy to have such friends around him.


Welcome Samsung Galaxy Note3! a present for myself after my Note1 died on me after only one and half year serving me. i got it on the night of the launching day itself, to my surprise there’s no long queue for it, good for me. No queue, stock is still there,  there’s nothing stopping me of getting it on that night this one will last long cos i got 2 years contract for it!

Felt sick in the end of this month, one of the worse ive ever had, scared of dengue i went for blood check at the hospital nearby, and luckily i didnt have it. almost need to be hospitalised because of this, thank God i recovered after having some meds from hospital. what a month.


One thought on “The Good & The Bad September

  1. Hoh!m Why would Pos be in love with Genting Highlands when Thailand has so many other better places?! Even T asked me to bring him there one day when he visits. Mind-boggling though!

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