October fest!

Can be said, October of this year was full of fun with my fellow besties ah leo and ah lai! Furthermore i was travelling to the another must-go city in my list. i was totally thrilled and havent get enough of it.lolImage2oct was the starting of the awesome days that we had for 5 days, at least according to our flight dates. fly all the way from KL with ah lai and meeting up the rest in Bali. the journey turned up to be more exciting than i expected, not much drama. haha..

ImageMoving around, try to explore every corner of Bali so we can experience more of the place itself. we decided to stay in 3 different places, one night in a hotel and the rest of the nights in 2 different villas. both villas are awesomely nice. too bad cant really enjoy the last night on the bed in the last villa, cos we need to leave early in the morning because of the AirAsia closing down airport situation.



ImageAs you know, bunch of camwhore lovers gathering together there’s only 1 thing which could possibly happened. ton of pictures! XD 6 of us in a land of beauty&culture , craziness is what happen..such a beautiful place in my own country which i need to wait 25 years to visit. from water to mountain, we tried to explore as much as we possibly could.

ImageAnd the foods i adore! well, im indonesian so it’s not that difficult to tackle the richness of taste in my own country. different said to my fellow malaysian and singaporean tho. not all of them can handle it. the Babi guling in one of the waroeng there is incredible, recommended by our driver. no to mention the western food in Warung Nuri, affordable and delicious.

ImageAfter the wonderful trip to Bali, I had another post Bali I’m in Love gathering with ah leo and ah lai. It was a black and white day as we all dressed up in one, which is purely coincident. Went to Publika to have a nice korean food in Namoo restaurant and Paradigm later on the day.

ImageThe sudden invitation in the middle of the night for the Mousetrap show on the next night from ah lai. It was a show organized by her company, and she spared us the “shadow seats” for free hehe. so thoughtful of her and we were grateful for it, tho i almost fell asleep during the show cos im not really a fan of stage show, not that it was a bad show, i still enjoyed it tho.

ImageAfter a long waited haircut day, i finally went and had it turned short and brown! it was a spontaneous decision,cos i felt annoyed with all the white hairs that starting to grow in there. So brown it is and my fringe are no longer to be found again. lol

ImageHappy birthday to him! treated him a slice of cake cos we dont have any culture of buying each other birthday gift for our bday. it was just a decent celebration with cake meal and movie in Pavilion.


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