hey it’s just a November

This month seems to be a very very quiet month, usual stuffs were still going on such as movie and meal with friends, hanging out and things like that, but nothing major. Pretty much busy with work and work, boring life till life changing event which happened end of this month lol.


Attending the ASTRO DIVA UNIVERSAL launching at Publika. erm, more to working actually.lol. an event handled by my company which was quite interesting cos i managed to see few famous celebrities such as Dominic. Acted like a paparazzi and went to shot some pics for my own XD


Fooling around with some of the left over props from previous event when bosses are not around haha…this is what happen when you are bored with works in office. not that i got chance to do this all the time.

3To  celebrate christmas this year, i went and bought this kinda cheap and pathetic tree (realized it after a short while) along with the ornaments and lighting to be placed in my room. well..at least the festive feeling was there haha..and my room was not that lonely anymore.


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