The very End of 2013

2013 ended with a Bang! the end of this year was a started of something new for me, a much more exciting one ūüėÄ well, it was a busy month as well… friends gatherings, friend visting and sister visiting.


Christmas month is here! and what can u expect except a glamorous decors spreads in all over the malls across the¬†town, the joyous and smile in people’s faces,¬†camwhoring and selfie also are very¬†difficult to be avoided. pics above are set in Pavilion, Sunway, Midvalley and One Utama.


Yos were back to KL again from Bangkok this month. Didnt get to meet him up as often as the previous visit tho. He was here with his friend and i was busy with own stuffs that time. so when i met him up i brought him to have dinner with james and simon at uptown area. had some satay and coffee.


First christmas gathering this year was with leo and leeyi. Celebrated at Pavilion with nice expensive meals at Morganfield and gifts exchange among ourselves. Not forgotten to channel our Asian Next Top Model selfie with the superb decoration as well. lol.


Next was Christmas party with office colleagues gang. Been through quite a bit of hassle before decided to attend this party actually cos it’s damn damn far away and it was raining, but it turned out to be better than expected (not the foods tho). Camwhore till the end of the¬†night as well haha..


The third gathering was with my lovely 8pors gang in Eygenn & Eqhern’s house. if not mistaken this was on the Xmas eve itself. This time around was not a pot luck, foods were prepared to give it more western feel (dont mind the sushi haha) and also to celebrate the 3 8pors in the group XD.


Sis was in the town for couples of days right after Christmas day, bringing her children visiting from¬†school holiday. And i was in charge to bring them around here and there. to mall, to Sunway Lagoon and for durian! hehe..our favourite. Quite a busy few days for me. luckily it’s not happen quite often.


The last big event of the year is New Year Eve. This year celebrated with the 8pors gang at some cute school themed restaurant at Uptown. A very cute place with normal foods i must say. After that we went back to James & Simon’s place to watch some fireworks when the countdonwn is over. And that marks the end of my 2013…


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