Started the year 2014 with A BANG!

2014 started with with lots and lots of happening moments which will definitely turns out as good memories to remember in my life – work, friends and even family..

Was sent out to Melaka for few days event there. worked from ungodly hour till the next ungodly hour again. you can see how tired we all were. that’s the life of people who work in event line. Thank God the event ran smoothly through out, me myself successfully guided my team as the winner in the teambuilding, how proud haha.. #workbitch!


Had an early CNY pre dinner celebration from my company, as per what we usually did every year. Dress code of the night was pink! lol.. quiete fun tho not everyone went in pink.This time it was a restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Center. Food was good, cant complain, lady boss’ choice.


8pors gang were back in action plus Steve and Steven! was my first CNY lou sang with them, bangkok trip brought us together lol.. since one of the member is a vegetarian, we decided to go for a vegetarian restaurant somewhere at…cant recall where it was was good tho, luckily i have no problem with vege at all and the price is affordable as well.


Another annual celebration dinner for birthday boy/girl in Aleeyio gang. to start of the year, as usual it was Leo’s turn first. this year we celebrated it in few places in Giza area. Dinner at Tao Cuisine,a japanese buffet, which i love very much but it’s kinda pricey for my range of foods lol.but oh well..i can eat grass for a little while after that haha..


Then we were at this unique and cute coffee shop called Cafe Studio at kota damansara as well, where Leo’s birthday cake was blowed. and not to forget camwhoring with their cute decorations.. there are so much more photos beside these haha..


Our lovely colleague’s wedding dinner night! Pretty auntie Chloe! XD .It was actully my very very first time attending a wedding dinner in Malaysia in my 7-8 years staying here. thanks for inviting.. for me, it was bit different with what we usually had back in my city, nobody actually invited to sing on the stage (which is kinda lame tbh). it was a good night.


Back to the city of jam! means it’s Chinese New Year time..parents had moved to this new own house so we were no longer renting. a decent house for few of us. spent time helping mum preparing for the cny eve prayer. it was a very quite new year, cos there’s no chinese new year spirits in all the chinese who stay in jakarta i can say. maybe there is,but it’s very less, so it didnt feel like anything at all. but show must go on right? haha..


Went to Bandung for a one day trip with sis and bro. it was quite a long drive but we made it anyway. spent few hours there just to drive back again haha..what a spirit. this was my second time being here and it didnt seem like i explored enough. so..i will be back Bandung! i will i will..


What makes a happy family?? when everyone is present for a family gathering! this year my brother was back from far far away land to spend his holiday at home country so we had the chance to celebrate this chinese new year together. these photos were taken on my last dinner there before i flew back to KL. oh and…do we look alike? haha..


look at all those foods! these are all the foods (not only these of cos) that i missed while im staying in KL. you cant really get it here. so when i was back, it was the time to satisfy my craving by eating as much as i can! haha.. diet is not an issue afterwards.


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