Love is in the air

February is well known as the month of love which usually bring people in a happy mood. And so happen that the chinese new year this year also fell on the first week, so i was still back at my homecountry for the first few days of the month. And the rest of the weeks ahead are filled with joyous event.

1 Once i was back to KL, party continued at my colleague’s house. We had a simple chinese new year gathering which we usually had every year, it’s either at her house or some pub out there for drinking and eating session, and not to forget the card boost session too. lol. guilty as charge, that’s the time when we have no choice but to drink and drunk XD.

2 The annual open office celebration celebrated in our company as well. On a certain day, we will be asked to come back to office for the first half of the day to enjoy the lion dance and lou sang. So basically if you don’t have work then you just go there to have fun.

3 We spontaneously decided to go to Thean Hou temple for a short visit and prayer after our dinner at Old klang road with James and Simon. As predicted it was packed with cars and people cos it’s the last day of chinese new year. We almost made a u-turn back and head home but we successfully made it!

4 Me and steven went to this authentic Japanese fine dining restaurant at KL area where the foods are pretty expensive. Since it’s a celebration, steven made sure that I didn’t say no cos I kinda avoiding expensive dining haha. But well, it turned out to be a great night with great foods. So no complaints ^^

5Ven was in town visiting for few days from medan. And she requested to go to this big huge temple which located in klang. Since it’s still in chinese new year season, the temple was filled with these lighting attractions for visitors to take pics with. The space itself is so damn wide, it took us around two hours and plus to walk through the whole place, include the selfie time of course.

6  The following day we went for mall visit, one utama for movie and shopping. Ah lai joined us for the dinner and movie. Can’t recall what movie we watched but i hope she enjoys the outing cos it’s just a weekend visit and I’m not so good as a host..

7   8  Melaka! after a very very difficult persuasion, i successfully convinced him to go to melaka for a one day trip. We were kinda tired with the shopping malls in KL, so we decided to drove over there on a weekend just to do something different. Since it was his so called first leisure trip to melaka, we had a non-stop eating feast, from chicken rice ball, ais kacang, satay celup till layers cake. we were a happy man! lol9  Parents and bro were visiting the week after my melaka trip, if not i might be able to bring them along with us. They were staying at a hotel nearby my place cos the weather that time was very hot and my room is not that hot-friendly. There’s basically nothing much to do in KL so it can only be compensate by bringing them for nice foods and shopping malls.

10Hang out with these 2 bunch to end the month. this time around we spontaneously brought a trip to Jogjakarta for holiday in May from AirAsia fare Paradigm. Tho i didnt think it’s cheap but oh well, i bought it too anyway. 2 vs 1 is never a good thing haha. Other than that, nothing much different with all our outings, eat eat talk and laugh.


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