the month

Why did I call this post “the month”? Because….this is the month that I’ve been waiting for for my virgin trip to hongkong! It was one of my 3 must visited countries list that I’ve made last year. Bali- checked, hongkong-checked and taiwan still in waiting list. Before I get down to that, let’s see what else is in store this month.

Went to Doraemon 100th years celebration at Viva Mall with vincent, tickets were bought few months prior to the event, which is not entirely necessary. It was few bucks cheaper if we bought it earlier. the event itself was pretty much as what you’ve seen in the pics, and there’s 100 real size cute Doraemon.. lots of photo ops as well, mostly with tons of people as your background! haha..


Guess where?! the famous MRT station signage in Hongkong!  Tried to take as many as possible everytime we stopped at any stations 😀  For all tourist this is one of those that cannot be missed in documenting your trip to Hongkong. The country itself easily has become one of my favourite places to visit. We stayed at a very very small tiny hotel room called Just Inn which is located at Tsim Sha Tsui, a very convenient area.



Visited most of the must visit tourist spots in my 6 days trip there such as the Harbour, Big Buddha, Tai-O village, Times Square, Art Square and of course the Disneyland! What a happy boy i was. it was my first time stepping in every children’s dream place. The weather overall was not too kind to us cos 4 from 6 days of our visit it was showered with rain, but luckily not on our Disneyland visit. we didnt go to Ocean Park tho, but it’s already in my list to visit next year.


Meeting with our friendly Hongkie friend Mark there. he’s one of the best host i ever know! haha..he showed me and vincent around, some interesting places and nice foods restaurant! Foods there are not cheap if you wanna count in Rm or Idr, but dollar to dollar, i think it considers normal to them. Being a nice friend he is, he treated us few “high end” meals.. thank s dear. 🙂


Back to KL, we tried to do something different once in awhile. Steven and I went to this stage show called People Like Us, act by local stage actor and actress. the show itself was very entertaining for someone who dont normally go for live act like us. worth watching, will not hesitate to go for a sequel in the future maybe? 😉


James and Simon hosting another potluck gathering in their house among friends end of this month. Attended by some new faces in our gang such as kelven and weiy. they are practically our friends as well. haha..just a decent gathering like usual with only chit chat and dinner without any alcohol involved.


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